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Black Worms

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We specialize in raising and selling Live Black Worms that are used to feed a variety of aquatic creatures from tropical fish to Axolotl. They are also a nutritious source of food for newts, aquatic salamanders, baby turtles and tadpoles.


Known in some circles as California Black Worms, these Black Worms are super nutritious and a great source of protein bringing out the natural glow and colors of your tropical fish.

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Live Blackworms

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Axolotl, or sometimes referred to as the Mexican Salamander, prefer these Live Black Worms over anything else!

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Great Quality, Fast Shipping, Great Customer Service! The Discus at the Hatchery Love Them!
Gabriel PosadaOwner of Jack Wattley Discus Hatchery
Best Quality I've Ever Seen!
Michael Hellwegauthor of Culturing Live Foods
Healthy, Long Lasting Worms, Excellent Service!
Rosario La Courteauthor of Enjoy Your Cichlids


Our Blackworms Get Around!

Our live blackworms are raised in controlled conditions devoid of any fish and are quarantined prior to shipping to ensure the best quality. Our blackworms are used in many captive bred breeding programs and toxicology studies by the United States

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Featured in Cultivating Live Foods

Eastern Aquatics was featured in the book, Cultivating Live Foods, written by Mike Hellweg.  When commenting on our blackworms, Hellweg states, “These worms were the best quality I’ve ever seen!” Buy the book on Amazon.com

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