Terms and Conditions

You must Read All of the following terms and conditions and watch the video before checking out. By placing this order, buyer acknowledges that they have viewed the video below on the proper care of your blackworms.

Within one hour of UPS stated delivery time, if greater than 25% of blackworms are dead, you must email us including a video and two pictures of the label and the blackworms and call 717-368-8203.  Any claims of loss submitted after one hour beyond confirmed delivery time will not be considered regardless of explanation.

Your claim will be reviewed and if approved you have several options.  We can add any losses to your next order at no additional charge.  Or we can issue a refund less the shipping charges.  We will consider each claim on a case by case basis. Shipping live animals is a shared risk between the shipper and the customer.  

Prior to ordering, you must check your local temperature for the delivery date.  If the daytime temperature exceeds 85 degrees F. the live arrival guarantee is void.  Please keep in mind that we are very reasonable and will do our best to work with you as long as you follow the instructions set forth above.


By placing this order, buyer agrees to assume the risk of feeding the live blackworms to any aquatic or other animals.  Buyer agrees to hold harmless Eastern Aquatics from any claim of loss of any kind as a result of the consumption of the blackworms.